Earth Side Stone Set

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Earth Side Stone Set

Delivering a child is a big deal and it's normal to suffer from some fear or anxiety. These stones can help provide relief, strength and support as you prepare to bring your baby earth-side. Each stone in this powerful collection will support you in your labour journey, and help you transition calmly into motherhood and help your mind and body navigate the newborn stage.

Moss Agate - Increases optimism and self confidence, known as a birthing stone, Moss Agate help release fear and emotional blockages that may be holding you back, and fosters positivity during labour.

Rose Quartz - The stone of unconditional love, rose quartz promotes self-love and acceptance. It helps with expression of love, nurture and compassion.

Amethyst - Helps balance the mind and free it of negativity. It can relieve tension and promote healing after birth.

Rainbow Moonstone - Relieves fear, anxiety and tension and helps to balance hormones and support breastfeeding.

Unakite - A favourite stone of many doulas, unakite can facilitate labour and promote a safe and healthy birth.

To use:

❁ Hold during contractions to help ease pain, or keep nearby in a pocket or on a table.

❁ Place in the water of your birth pool to cleanse and safely energise the water in preparation for you baby.

❁ If you’re preparing for a caesarean, place on your chest to calm your nerves beforehand, and have your birth partner hold them in their pocket in theatre.


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For all births - first birth, consecutive birth, c-sections, home births, water births, hospital births.