Soak & Soothe Postpartum Bath Sitz

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Soak & Soothe Postpartum Bath Sitz 

This special blend of organic herbs, cleansing salts and essential oils is just what a new mother needs to heal from the any post birth discomfort.

Soak in a warm bath with this sitz 2-3 times per week to speed up your recovery and alleviate any postpartum discomfort. Pour straight into the bath or use the bath tea bag provided to steep. Soak for 20 minutes, enjoy the time to yourself and let yourself heal. You deserve this mama!

Raspberry Leaf - for relief of afterbirth pain and cramping

Yarrow Flower  - haemorrhoid relief

Lavender - antiseptic

Frankincense - reduce pain and aid in cellular repair

Comfrey leaf - to reduce inflammation

Himalayan salts - cleansing antiseptic

Epsom salts - reduce swelling and promote healing


Comes with a little cotton bag to "steep" your sitz (and keep the bath mess free!)