Calm the Waves Nausea Relief Oil Blend Roller

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Calm the Waves Oil Blend Roller

The perfect blend to help reduce those waves of nausea that creep up in early pregnancy. Carry around with you and apply to your pulse points or take a whiff straight from the bottle when the need arises.

What's inside?

Ginger - Reduce nausea and soothe an upset tummy
Peppermint - Relaxes gastric muscles and improves symptoms
Lemon - Fresh, uplifting scent


Please read before purchasing | Disclaimer

Our products are designed to support you through your pregnancy and birth journey and are not intended to diagnose or prevent any illness or medical condition. Always consult a medical professional if you are unsure if these products are right for you.
We also recommend doing a skin patch test before using these oils, as many women develop an increased sensitivity during pregnancy. Please cease use if any irritation occurs and visit your doctor or naturopath.

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