Conception - The birth of Mama and I

Me in a few words? Mama, creator, lover of the moon 🌙

I am raising two incredible little souls, who definitely teach me more than I teach them.

I started working on Mama and I just before the birth of my second child. After struggling to come to terms with my first birth experience, I was determined to make my second birth experience more positive. I wanted to feel like i owned my birth, that my body was my friend working WITH me. I knew there had to be some simple and practical ways I could feel more comfortable and more connected to my labour and birth. With another hospital birth on the cards, I knew I had to think of some ways to make my environment more comfortable, ways that would allow me to feel more relaxed and actually enhance my labour.


I created a set of cards with little mantras and affirmations I could read aloud or have my husband read to me.

I created a collection of stones, designed to dispel any tension, ease labour pain and give me strength.

I sourced a beautiful essential oil blend I could spray in the hospital room to calm any nerves and help me relax

And, I nailed my birth plan!

AND then, a week before my due date, I was told bubba was BIG and I was advised to have a planned caesarean. I was gutted. I was so ready for labour! My mind was so prepared to deal with another lengthy labour and I felt a little cheated that I wouldn’t be going through it this time around. A caesarean, was again, a whole new birth experience and I could feel fear creeping in.

BUT, everything I put in to place, I used on the day. I read aloud in the car and waiting room and focused on my breathing. My husband carried my calming stones in his pocket, I used my spray on my neck and wrists so I could smell it in theatre, and I adjusted my birth plan. I even made a relaxing playlist to have in theatre. I also made a real point of remaining calm and bringing baby earth side tension-free. I felt SO incredibly strong and ready for what life with a newborn (and toddler) was going to throw at me.

So today, I bring these special products to you, to help you create and experience the birth you want and deserve. 

You are beautiful. 
Your pregnant body rocks!
You are stronger than you know. 
You got this!

Big love,